Silo Safety

Impeccable standards of safety

Silo Safety  – Impeccable standards of safety


Working on a silo requires awareness of all the potential dangers and adherence to the strictest regulations and procedures when working at height. This requires experienced teamwork to ensure the safety of the workforce with stringent safety training undertaken and adhered to all personnel.

At Silo Facilities Management, our team has up to 40 years of experience of working at height, in this industry. We combine time-served expertise with keeping up with the very latest innovations in safety equipment and procedures. It means we implement proven best practice safety technology to ensure with absolute surety that anyone ascending or descending silos can working efficiently, comfortably and safely in position.

Following rigorous risk assessments and method statements, we use our fall restraint system to allow skilled personnel to access to the silo top to carry out their duties. This also prevents a worker from reaching a point where they could fall through the existing barriers.

Our proven safety systems are designed to allow an individual to work anywhere that is required for inspection, cleaning, maintenance or repair on the silo top with added protection and peace of mind.

Our fixed post chain and wire systems are pivotal to silo safety providing a vertical lifeline system that allows maximum freedom of movement for workers to conduct their duties with flexibility, security and confidence. Our silo safety measures result in quicker and more efficient results for our team and more importantly for your business operations.

Each silo has a three-point anchor system fitted with a central line that goes across the silo diameter. These angle irons are securely bolted to the existing barrier up stands.

For absolute safety, any person working on the silo top will automatically clip onto the central line to prevent any possibility of a fall.

Our systems are efficient and can be made bespoke to any silo. They are generally fitted to any silo within a single day making it quicker and easier to access your silo exterior in safety.

Silo Safety Systems
We offer the design and installation of safety systems for silos. We offer onsite training for all systems and can provide all PPE to be able to use these safely at all times.

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