Silo Repairs

Protective Coatings, Grit Blasting, Water Jetting - Low and High Pressure

Silo Repairs – protective coatings, grit blasting, water jetting – low and high pressure


Silo Facilities Management Ltd offers a cost effective method for the maintenance and repairs of both silos and storage facilities to ensure maximum production efficiency and fix any problems fast.

Thanks to the cumulative experience of our directors we have over 40 years in facilities management. That invaluable experience and the hands-on training and expertise we can pass on to our teams, means that we can offer an unsurpassed level of repair service. That’s why we are often first choice for the upkeep and maintenance of silo and bulk storage facilities across the UK and Southern Ireland.

As silo repair specialists with an impeccable safety record, we have considerable expertise in the repair and refurbishment of all types of silos and storage facilities whatever the construction material.

Across all the commercial industries we serve, we are highly accomplished in repairing silos and structures, whether they are made from stainless steel, concrete, fiberglass, mild steel, aluminium or other construction materials that wear over time and need repair.

We also have considerable experience gained from years of providing regular silo service and maintenance. We can identify issues quickly and more efficiently than most and use our network of suppliers to respond rapidly to find and install any of the replacement parts for most widely used makes of storage bins and silos.

Not only that, our ability to achieve any level of repair from vertical to horizontal repairs, overhead and patch repairs with our working at height teams is an invaluable service. We also repair vertical and horizontal joints and cracks on concrete silos in a cost effective and time efficient way to increase the lifespan of your silos and bulk storage facilities.

By working smartly with our facilities expertise we can provide new walkways and non slip coatings. By working closely with our clients we will minimise down time and guide you rapidly back to efficient production in a new and safe factory environment.

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