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Grit Blasting and Painting

Silo Painting – grit blasting and painting


Silo Facilities Management Ltd helps you to protect your silos, storage tanks, steel and concrete structures through regular maintenance like painting. Painting is an essential part of how to protect your structure for longevity. Painting silos, bridges, concrete and steel also safeguards against weather damage that can speed corrosion. Our specialist silo painting teams use grit blasting to create a suitable surface for industrial paint to adhere to. This preparatory process is essential to strip off all the old paint, dirt and debris and expose the silo substrate ready to receive a fresh layer of paint protection.

Silo painting is one of our true specialisms as Managing Director, Gary Crosbie has over 40 years of experience in grit blasting, painting and industrial facilities management at the highest lever. As such, our grit blasting activity is carried out to an exceptionally high standard, benchmarking micron level. This extra care in preparation before silo painting ensures that we create the best surface suitable for the type and form of paint or coating to be used.

As part of our comprehensive silo painting – coating service we are also able to advise, quote and supply the best paints and processes to ensure the best results. A choice of recommended specialist protective paints can be applied by brush, roller or sprayed.

What’s more, significant project savings can be made for you by using our teams’ expertise in working at height, safely and efficient by rope access. This is just one of the added value skills stack that makes working with Silo Facilities Management Ltd such a great choice in this area. Working with experienced rope access qualified painters dispenses with the need for expensive scaffolding and in most instances, the need for other high reach machines. Although, rest assured we do have access to MEWPs and fall arrest systems for trained operatives with painting skills should your project require them.

Once your silo is prepped, painted, inspected and signed off as successfully completed you will receive a manufacturer’s guarantee for the work. And of course, we’re on hand for maintenance in the future with full understanding of the complexities of your painting requirements.

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