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Silo Maintenance – high level cleaning specialists


At Silo Facilities Management Ltd we are widely known as one of the UK’s specialists in the field of silo maintenance. Our expert working at height teams clean and maintain silo structures and ancillary silo equipment to the highest possible standard across the whole of the UK and also Ireland.

Much of our regular silo maintenance work supports silo inspection and subsequent silo repair for a wide variety of large and small organisations who use silos as a key part of their storage facilitating. Our silo maintenance work is mostly in the milling, animal feeds, polymer, grain and food industries nationwide but we can work with any type of silo.

When it comes to silo maintenance, our many years of experience in this specialist field has shown us that preventative and regular maintenance checklists help spot issues for clients before they occur. Regular inspection can pick up a serious silo problem before it requires an emergency call out. That means we prevent bigger silo repair issues and save on costs.

With that in mind, our rope access technicians are trained silo maintenance experts, adept at inspection and working on storage facilities with unlimited height. Our experienced teams regularly carry out remedial and cleaning work on a broad spectrum of silos across the UK. They are looking for signs of corrosion, cracking, stains, damaged liners, issues around vents, vibration, spillage, filter condition and much more. Plus we can also inspect mechanical parts that can show signs of wear and tear and work to your checklist.

Typically, the silos that our teams inspect and maintain, offer storage for raw materials across a variety of industries. That means that the silos we are used to working on range in construction from concrete, aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, fibreglass as well as other materials. These silos tend to have capacities ranging from 20 to 15,000 tonnes so you can feel confident that it’s almost guaranteed that we have knowledge and experience with yours.

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