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Filtration units are imperative to the safety on your silo

Silo filter Inspection and servicing


Silo filtration units are imperative to the safety on your silo. Dirty, blocked filters will create back pressure inside the silo resulting in a potential explosion because the air pressure generated by a vacuum tanker cannot be released. We strongly advise all our clients to ensure these are serviced and inspections are regularly carried out to prevent any damage to the silo occurring.

6 monthly inspections:

Silo Facilities Management Ltd will attend your site and inspect the filters for damage and cleanliness. We work with silo filter suppliers across the Uk and will replace any type of filter if required. We inspect the air supply and ensure the filters are being washed.

Filter Unit replacement:

We work with suppliers across the UK and Ireland and can replace any old filter units. Our teams of welders and installers can work on any type of silo from mild steel, stainless steel to aluminium.

Pipework installation, replacement and repair.

Our teams can replace or repair any worn out pipework. We are able to reach high level pipework by rope access techniques. Our teams are all trained to operated Mobile Work Platforms to assist in any high-level work.

From Silo filter Inspection and servicing to pipework we can assist.

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