Silo Cleaning

silo hygiene, blockages & bridging clearance

Silo Cleaning – silo hygiene, blockages & bridging clearance


For over 15 years the team behind Silo Facilities Management Ltd has undertaken silo cleaning across the UK and Southern Ireland. That involves providing high quality cleaning using specialist industry equipment. We remove all debris and natural waste materials from silos used for raw material storage in milling, feed and polymer facilities.

Over time and everyday productive use, any commercial or industrial silo storage facility will accumulate a buildup of rust, compacted materials, grease and general dirt requiring meticulous cleaning by hand. Due to the nature of a silo facility, the safety for the experienced cleaning workforce is paramount. That’s why we enhance the process, making it faster and more efficient, by employing both MEWP and rope work techniques.

The ‘Dead Space’ of dry bulk materials like flour and sugar within a silo is liable to a need for cleaning as temperature and humidity can affect the materials and attract dust deposits, fungal growth and insect infestation. As experienced silo cleaning experts, our teams are trained in treating bulk storage facilities in the food industry with a food safe insecticide. This totally eradicates infestation and ensures pristine clean hygiene and safety essential to the industrial food sector.

Our teams are on stand-by to carry out ‘Full Cleans’ at the times that work for your business when the silo is empty. We appreciate the needs for efficiency around the commercial needs of your business and can be available to suit your down time. These ‘Full Cleans’ use similar techniques to that of ‘Dead Space’ cleaning ensuring that all the waste materials are bagged and removed if necessary.

On completion of these vital cleaning processes, hygiene certificates are issued and remain valid for 6 – 12 months to meet your audits and cleaning obligations.

In addition, our cleaning at height experts are able to offer hot and cold pressure washing services both internally and externally on your silos and bulk storage facilities and this can include brick work, roofs, guttering, roof gullies and concrete structures of your premises to ensure a pristine operation.

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